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As a community leader in training and leadership development, TDN is committed to creating custom resources to supplement your training; enhancing your skills to becoming a better,  more effective communicator and leader.

Youth Leadership:
7  Keys To Empower Youth Leaders
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This book really hits home . . . an excellent resource for anyone working with youth.

- Dustin Plunkett,, Special Olympics Southern California

Transform Ordinary Young People To
Youth Extraordinary Youth Leaders!

How to create Youth Leadership programs that empower young people to impact positive change in the world.


DISCOVER THE "EMPOWER" CONCEPT - a unique view of the critical elements needed to generate active and
enthusiastic participation among young people. inspiring stories and testimonies by community leaders on the benefits of youth leadership in the 21st  century. Discover the key elements every school, youth group and organization needs to design effective youth leadership programs that are not just good, but exceptional!  


7 Keys To Empower Youth Leaders is the perfect resource guide for:

  • Trainers, Coordinators and Teachers

  • Schools and Youth Organizations

  • Counselors, Advisors and Parents

  From Classroom Chaos

. . . To Organized Learning

About the Author
David Kitchen
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DAVID A. KITCHEN has been leading successful teams for more than 30 years. THe is a professional speaker, trainer and leadership coach. With 30+ years of executive
and volunteer management experience, David’s youth leadership programs have received high honors for outstanding leadership and highly acclaimed by fortune 500 companies, school districts and workforce agencies.  Learn more about youth programs at:
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