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Cyber Leadership


Why invest in cybersecurity?  Better security, of course.  The biggest benefit to being trained on security awareness is to ensure you, your employees and company are prepared and can act fast to data or social media breaches.  TDN workshops offers peace of mind and a confidence that your business is doing everything possible to prevent data breaches.

Social Media Awareness


Schools and organizations rely on computer end-users to guard against the digital risks when using social media. TDN offers CertNexus certification training for youth and adults on safe social media networking:

  • Safe usage of internet & email

  • Browsing the web safely

  • Using Social Networking safely

  • Understanding two-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

  • Identifying risks of third-party apps in social networking accounts.

Data Privacy Management


Privacy awareness training is critical in helping  employees and students avoid data breaches. TDN provides hands-on training to protect your school, company or home against comprising privacy issues, compliant with federal, state and local laws. Learn how to:

  • Maintain Physical Security of Devices

  • Use Passwords for Security

  • Effectively Protect Your Data

  • Identify and Mitigate Malware

  • Use Wireless Devices Securely

Cybersecurity Leadership


Cybersecurity industry is booming, with an expected growth of more than 3 million high paying jobs by 2021. TDN, through our partnership with the Digital Defender Group, urge educators, parents and industry professionals to explore in-depth, certification training in this growing field:

  • Explore Opportunities in Cybersecurity

  • Understand the Need for Security

  • Identify Security Compliance Regulations

  • Recognize Social Engineering

  • Prepare Against the Latest Cyber Attacks

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Why Do I Need CyberSecurity?

Why would someone want to attack my computer?  Thousands upon thousands of hackers every day are breaching your data. How do you avoid it? Awareness is one of the first steps.

How Easy Can I See Your Files?

So you don't think hackers can find you?  Check out this info video by A Insider. This is WHY you need to get CyberSAFE Certified today!  Thousands of hackers every day are breaching your data. 

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