Meet The Executive Team


TDN is a network of highly accomplished and recognized corporate and community practitioners from both the private and public sectors, and across diverse disciplines and industries.

David Kitchen, MBA

Chief Executive Officer    Certified Trainer


David is the founder of TDN and specializes in strategic management, performance leadership and education training. His background includes 10 years in admissions at private colleges and 20 years in corporate management with United Airlines, L.A. Times, Fox Home Entertainment and American Honda Motor Company.  David has achieved honors for developing training & customer service programs for unified schools and fortune 500 companies, MCCT & Cyber/IoT Certifications and is a member of  "Who’s Who of Professional Management.”

O: 562-787-2059 

M: 562-787-2059

F: 562-634-7448

Michael Lattimore, MA, CISSP

Cyber Operations Officer    Certified Trainer


Michael is the founder of America's Digital Defender, Inc. and Success Support, LLC as a  Cyber Awareness Evangelist. Among other Cybersecurity credentials, Michael is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Microsoft Certified Professional, A+ Certified and MCCT. Co-founder of the International Association of Security Awareness Professionals (IASAP) Michael is a professional speaker and cybersecurity subject matter expert,  and board member of Neighbors Empowering Youth (NEY), a non-profit organization training workers for careers in Information Technologies. He also serves Freedom to Choose Prison project as a facilitator and board officer.   His story is featured in "Mission Possible" alongside such notables as Brian Tracy, Bruce Jenner and Jack Canfield.

O:(562) 562-2284

M: 626-399-4238

Carol Otters, DTM

Chief Learning Officer    Certified Trainer


Carol is a corporate officer in charge of learning management. Carol is a professional speaker and trainer, specializing in time management and financial advisory, and has received numerous honors for training, coaching and public speaking. Carol is a certified financial advisor who serves on the leadership team and trains financial advisors for Edward Jones Financial.

O: 562-425-1048 

M: 714-244-2657

F:  562-425-1045

Charisma Justis, MPA

Chief Training & Development Officer    Certified Trainer

Charisma is owner of Everything Charisma, a professional speaker and executive trainer. She is in charge of designing relevant training & development programs.  Charisma’s background includes client relations, dispute resolution and social media management and has received several honors for her presentations. Charisma is certified in MCCT (Modern Classroom) and CyberSAFE End-user training.  Charisma offers a unique combination of relationship building and powerful authenticity that leaves clients feeling inspired and encouraged to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

O: 562-616-1307 

M: 562-618-1307

F:  562-425-1045