The CyberSAFE Readiness training enables consultants, members, and employees of any organization to identify many of the common risks associated with using conventional end-user technology.  TDN is an authorized training partner with CertNexus to deliver half-day or less (3.5 hours) training in cyber readiness. Classes are Instructor Led - Onsite, Offsite or Online. Upon completion of this course, technology-users will earn a certified CyberSAFE credential.

CyberSAFE Certification


Organizations, schools and community groups rely on computer end-users to understand and guard against the digital risks when using social media. TDN offers CyberSAFE End-user certified training to prepare technology-users against digital threats.  Learn to:

  • Safely use and manage passwords for internet & email.

  • Browse the web securely and safely.

  • Understand two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

  • Identify risks of third-party apps.

  • Understand security compliance needs and requirements.

  • Recognize and avoid phishing and social engineering attacks.

  • Recognize and avoid viruses, ransomware, and other malware.

  • Help ensure data and personal security on computers, mobile devices, networks and the cloud

Why Do I Need CyberSecurity?

Why would someone want to attack my computer?  Thousands upon thousands of hackers every day are breaching your data. How do you avoid it? Awareness is one of the first steps.