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As a community leader in training and leadership development, TDN is committed to creating custom resources to supplement your training; enhancing your skills to becoming a better,  more effective communicator and leader.

Volunteer Leadership:
7 Disciplines to Undisputed Success
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“The stories and content are relevant, meaningful and insightful. Very inspiring from beginning to end.”

Dr. Kay L. Stephens, BUSD

Start Your Journey To Becoming A Successful Volunteer Leader!

Have you been discouraged by barriers blocking you from leading volunteers or achieving your goals?


LEAD YOUR TEAM TO SUCCEED by discovering inspirational, powerful, “real-world” solutions to leading volunteer teams. Learn how to identify and recruit volunteers committed to achieve. Discover best practices and disciplines that keep volunteers engaged. Learn how to find your success by helping others find their success!


Explore the seven proven disciplines it takes to thrive and succeed as a volunteer or a volunteer leader:

  • Why Everyone Loves A Winner

  • The Advantage of Finding Your Why

  • The Benefits of “Staying in your Lane”

  • Why Failure is Success in Disguise

  • The Secret to Leading vs. Screaming

  • Utilizing the Power of Letting Go

  • Why Sacrifice Guarantees 100% Success

  Find Your Purpose. Change Your Life.

About the Authors
David Kitchen
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Mike Lattimore
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DAVID KITCHEN and MIKE LATTIMORE have been leading successful teams for more than 30 years. Their workshops and training programs are experiential and transformational. As authors, life coaches and volunteer leaders, they have changed the lives of hundreds of leaders.  Get in touch with them us at:
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