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Youth & Entrepreneurial Leadership


In parts of the U.S., more than 49% of high school students fail to graduate or attend college due to their inability to effectively communicate.  TDN believes there is a solution to this paralyses. We are committed to develop training to help tackle this issue.  All training is interactive, experiential and conducted using techniques that sustains and reinforces positive results. Contact us today to learn more about these incredible courses.

Intro To Youth Leadership


Introduction course developed to expose youth, ages 12 to 17, to the art of Communications and Leadership. Dynamic and life changing experience for any youth afraid to present in public. Designed to help youth break through the barriers blocking them from achieving success.


Course includes:

  • Public Speaking

  • Leadership & Team Collaboration

  • Participate in Leadership Meetings

  • Listening Techniques

  • Receiving and Giving Feedback

  • Recognition & Completion Certificate

Youth Seminar/Conference


One or Two-Day seminars developed for Middle or High Schools interested in training student leaders to become effective leaders of change. Empowers youth to effect positive change in school, home and community.  Youth will complete a capstone project using communication and leadership skills. 

Beyond Youth Leadership


Advanced course developed to provide youth, ages 14 to 17 with advanced skills in communications and leadership.  For youth who have taken introduction course or who possess basic concepts of public speaking and leadership.  Youth teams plan and present team projects.


Course Includes:

  • Advanced Public Speaking

  • Individual and Team Presentations

  • Leading Meetings

  • Critical Thinking / Decision Making.

  • Creating and Evaluating Presentations

  • Recognition & Completion Certificate

Entrepreneurial Leadership


Entrepreneur course developed to teach youth "real world"  business start-up process.  For High School ages 15 to 18, students will work in teams to create a start-up company.  Course includes training and coaching on researching and designing products or services,  creating a marketing plan and pitching a business  plan in a real world setting.

Cyber Youth Leadership


Program focuses on specific attributes of leadership in a cyberspace domain. Projects teach cybersecurity education, social media awareness and the impacts of cyber-bullying. Hands-on, skill-based training inspires youth to prepare for the technology workforce.

Course includes:

  • Safe usage of internet & email

  • Browsing the web safely

  • Using Social Networking safely

  • Understanding two-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Speech & Tech Coaching


One-on-One or Small Group sessions for Youth & Adults. These are hourly sessions designed to transform student into effective communicators or technology end-users. Master oral and technical presentations,  communication and techniques in speech and debate competitions.  Sessions are based on availability. Can be on-premise or on-location depending on advanced booking or notification.

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Youth Leadership In Action


Contact TDN to bring our YLP specialists to your school, church or company organization. TDN has been developing tomorrow's leaders today . . . one youth at a time!  We bring a unique perspective to youth training; customized to meet your needs through one-on-one, group or classroom instruction. All training is interactive and experiential.

Future: New Ways of Learning


Depersonalization 101: People sit around checking Facebook or their email  Is the digital revolution turning us into delusional multitaskers who can’t focus? Are schools designed to help people learn? Are universities really institutions of higher education? Do people actually learn any science in science classes? Can skateboarding give us a better model for teaching and learning?

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