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Leaders - Stay in Your Lane!

Imagine driving your car to an out-of-town meeting, one you have spent a great deal of time and energy mapping out. Somehow, to make up time you decide to take a shortcut others are taking. In doing so you reach a road that dead ends at a cliff. You wouldn’t continue to drive forward over the cliff, would you?

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One of the biggest stumbling blocks to our success as a volunteer leader is the ambiguity or misunderstanding on“who is doing what.” This happens often in organizations. It is ideal for every volunteer leader to focus on his or her team’s project. We call this staying in your lane. When meeting with team members, it is beneficial for the leader to provide clear guidance. Help keep volunteers focused on“their lane.” Help them be aware that others may drift into their lane and distract the team from accomplishing their task.

How To Help Your Team Members

Do you know your leadership style? Knowing your leadership style can help determine the expediency in which you can turn things around.

Understanding this principle can save time and energy and create better harmony among the team. Effective volunteer leaders know helping members stay in their lane prevents duplication of efforts. Keeping team members focused ensures that tasks get done and eliminates friction on the team. Same as not following what other people are doing.

Help Your Team Members Stay on the Road to Success

You may be puzzled as to how you suddenly got on the wrong road in the first place. Surely, you saw other drivers taking the same road. Ever thought to ask, "hmm, why am I following them when I clearly mapped out my own plans?"

Keep yourself and your team focused by helping you and the team to stay in your lane.

By David Kitchen, MBA (Volunteer Leadership: 7 Truths to Undisputed Success)

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