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Key To Change: Empowering Our Youth

Today, our world has changed more than ever. And not all for the best. Dishonesty, distrust and politics plague our world. Yes, we are experiencing a pandemic; a pandemic of world protest and a call for change. We must change the systemic powers of hatred, fear and racism through empowering the youth to lead and promote legislation and policies that encourage community and law enforcement leaders to speak out against injustices.

Students and youth are marching daily. Hundreds of thousands of young people. Our senators and law-makers are failing them, just as climate activist, 16-year old Greta Thunberg stated in 2019: "You are failing us . . . the eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say, we will never forgive you."

There is a shift taking place. Empowering and developing youth leaders can prepare all of us to embrace a better world of justice and equality for all. Now is the time to begin training tomorrow's leaders today!

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the the future - Franklin D. Roosevelt

There are a myriad of elements to empowering young leaders. The key is to EMPOWER our youth through youth leadership engagement and education. Invest in programs that educate our youth through activities that are experiential, motivational, practical organized, watched carefully, engaging and recognition-oriented. These are the proponents taught by Training Dynamics Network, Neighbors Empowering Youth and Success Support, LLC. Invest in programs that teach cyber leadership, public speaking, coding and internet usage. These programs and skills can provide the greatest value and solutions for a better world, and then followed up by placing our youth in active and policy-changing positions to rewrite the law and create a culture shift.

We're doing a disservice to young people if we give them only information and technical skills. We must prepare them to fullfill their role as citizens, and to LEAD!

- David Tarver - Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative, Inc.

Here are a few recommendations to make this happen:

Recommendation #1 - Train All Youth and End-Users.

Ensure all youth and community youth partnerships participate in youth leadership activities and programs and trained in cyber and social media end-user principles. Investing in Youth and Cyber Leadership training is the best, affordable investments anyone can make!

Recommendation #2 - Know What Help is Available.

Ensure that your organization and school know that programs that exist. There are many programs that provide tools for youth leadership programs to flourish in your communities. Seek out expert advice from providers to address your specific community needs.

Recommendation #3 - Contact a Youth Leadership Training Provider.

The world is now all online. Virtual training has brought the world a keyboard or webcam closer to enlisting the resources needed to procure training experts. Resources in youth leadership, cyber leadership, culture and transformation change simply requires a call or email to get the information needed to learn simple, economical steps to bring a program to your organization.

Don't wait until it is too late! Training Dynamics Network has the tools necessary to ensure communities and organizations alike have the proper training help empower our youth to become the change agents who can stamp out injustice and inequality.

By David A. Kitchen, MBA, Certified Trainer



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